Types of mattresses:

 There are a lot of different materials and styles of mattresses available. Before you choose a mattress, make sure that the type is designed for how you plan to use it.


Innerspring mattress:

 Innerspring mattresses are the traditional type of mattress and provide support to the sleeper by using closely spaced metal coils. These are covered with multiple layers of fabric to make sure that you stay comfortable.

Foam mattress:

 One of the most innovative and popular mattresses is the foam mattress. These can be made of multiple layers of memory foam that conform to the sleeper’s body. One of the great aspects of these mattresses is that they can come rolled and vacuum sealed, making them easy to get delivered.

Hybrid mattress: 

Want the benefits of both an innerspring and a foam mattress? Consider a hybrid mattress. These mattresses have two support structures inside, usually springs or coils and foam. Because they are multi-layered, they can provide the firm structure of an innerspring with the body-conforming top of a foam mattress.

Special features:

Many mattresses add special features to further tailor the sleeping experience. Some are made for comfort, while others are there to make setup a lot easier.



Any mattress can have a pillowtop, but it is most common with innerspring mattresses. This additional layer provides some cushion while you sleep, much like a pillow does for your head. These tend to make the mattress softer, so just make sure that you want a soft mattress before considering this feature.


For a mattress that can move up or down, you will need to look at an adjustable frame as well as a mattress that can work with this setup. Many foam mattresses can be used on an adjustable frame, which you can manually move up or down. You can even purchase one from most retailers that are designed to fit like a glove around their specific mattress.

Bed in a Box

One of my favorite parts of a foam mattress, other than the comfortable sleep, is the ability to have the mattress delivered right to the door. The company can roll and vacuum seal the mattress, then ship it in a large box. All you need to do is get the box inside, open the packaging, and let it unfurl.


 Mattresses already have to meet high standards for materials and construction. But if you want to take it to the next level, look for a mattress made of organic wool, cotton, or other fabric. As you sleep, your face will be close to the mattress, breathing in small particles. This can be a big consideration for health-conscious consumers or those with allergies.

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