Yankee Candles

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Showing 1 - 42 of 42 products

Showing 1 - 42 of 42 products
Balsam & Cedar Mini Single Candle
Christmas Cookie Mini Single CandleChristmas Cookie Mini Single Candle
Sparkling Cinnamon Mini Single CandleSparkling Cinnamon Mini Single Candle
Wild Orchid Mini Single CandleWild Orchid Mini Single Candle
Red Apple Wreath Mini Single CandleRed Apple Wreath Mini Single Candle
Snowflake Kisses Mini Single Candle
Christmas Classic CandlesChristmas Classic Candles
First Snow CandlesFirst Snow Candles
Yankee First Snow Candles
Sale price$9.99
Holiday Party CandlesHoliday Party Candles
Yankee Holiday Party Candles
Sale price$9.99
Balsam & Cedar Signature Small Tumbler CandleBalsam & Cedar Signature Small Tumbler Candle
Home Sweet Home Signature Small Tumbler CandleHome Sweet Home Signature Small Tumbler Candle
Red Apple Wreath Signature Small Tumbler CandleRed Apple Wreath Signature Small Tumbler Candle
Snowflake Kisses Signature Small Tumbler CandleSnowflake Kisses Signature Small Tumbler Candle
Sparkling Cinnamon Signature Small Tumbler CandleSparkling Cinnamon Signature Small Tumbler Candle
Beach Walk Studio Collection CandleBeach Walk Studio Collection Candle
Fresh Cut Roses Studio Collection CandleFresh Cut Roses Studio Collection Candle
Lemon Lavender Studio Collection CandleLemon Lavender Studio Collection Candle
Ocean Air Studio Collection CandleOcean Air Studio Collection Candle
Vanilla Creme Brulee Studio Collection CandleVanilla Creme Brulee Studio Collection Candle
Warm Luxe Cashmere Studio Collection CandleWarm Luxe Cashmere Studio Collection Candle
Cashmere Medium Hourglass CandleCashmere Medium Hourglass Candle
Humidor Medium Hourglass CandleHumidor Medium Hourglass Candle
Magnolia Birch Medium Hourglass CandleMagnolia Birch Medium Hourglass Candle
Vanilla & Sea Salt Medium Hourglass Candle
Cafe Sweets Trilogy Medium Hourglass CandleCafe Sweets Trilogy Medium Hourglass Candle
Cozy Cabin Trilogy Medium Hourglass Candle
Calming Retreat Trilogy Medium Size Candle
Icy Woodland Trilogy Medium Hourglass CandleIcy Woodland Trilogy Medium Hourglass Candle
Balsam & Cedar Signature Medium Jar CandleBalsam & Cedar Signature Medium Jar Candle
Clean Cotton Signature Medium Jar CandleClean Cotton Signature Medium Jar Candle
Dried Lavender & Oak Signature Medium Jar CandleDried Lavender & Oak Signature Medium Jar Candle
Home Sweet Home Signature Medium Jar CandleHome Sweet Home Signature Medium Jar Candle
Iced Berry Lemonade Signature Medium Jar CandleIced Berry Lemonade Signature Medium Jar Candle
Lakefront Lodge Signature Medium Jar Candle
Macintosh Signature Medium Jar CandleMacintosh Signature Medium Jar Candle
MidSummer's Night Signature Medium Jar CandleMidSummer's Night Signature Medium Jar Candle
Mistletoe Signature Medium Jar CandleMistletoe Signature Medium Jar Candle
Pink Sands Signature Medium Jar CandlePink Sands Signature Medium Jar Candle
Sage & Citrus Signature Medium Jar CandleSage & Citrus Signature Medium Jar Candle
Wild Orchid Signature Medium Jar CandleWild Orchid Signature Medium Jar Candle
Snowflake Kisses Signature 5-Wick CandleSnowflake Kisses Signature 5-Wick Candle
Christmas Cookie Signature Large Tumbler CandleChristmas Cookie Signature Large Tumbler Candle

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